WindyNation P30 30A Solar Panel Regulator Charge


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SEE PHOTO GALLERY FOR ALL TECHNICAL INFORMATION AND DIMENSIONAL DRAWING. WindyNation's P30 Solar Charge Controller uses advanced microprocessor technology to properly charge and maintain the charge of 12 and 24 volt batteries. The P30's PWM (pulse width modulated) battery charging technique increases the lifetime of batteries by properly charging the battery through a Bulk, Absorb and Float charging process. The PWM capability also allows the controller to operate very efficiently and consume very little power.


  • Protects batteries from overcharge and discharge. Maximizes solar power production
  • Handles up to 30 amps of array current. Keeps 12 or 24 volt batteries properly charged.
  • Electronic protections: overvoltage, reverse polarity, over current, excessive temperature and short circuit protected
  • LED's on the face of the charge controller indicate solar panel,battery, and load status
  • 12 volt batteries are maintained in a fully charged state. Works on lead acid batteries including AGM and flooded.


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