Schumacher PSW-61224 DSR ProSeries 6/12/24V Manual

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Schumacher’s PSW-61224 Manual Wheel Charger/Starter provides high-performance engine starting and charging for 6, 12, and 24 Volt batteries. This charger features a 250A engine start for 12V, a 150A engine start for 24V, and a 150A engine start for 6V, with a 60/35/1.5A rapid charge for 12V, a 30/10A rapid charge for 24V, and a 80/40A rapid charge for 6V. It also features precision timer-controlled operation with “off” and “hold” settings, a large face, clear-view ammeter with an easy-to-read graduated scale, a fan for efficient cooling and longer duty cycles, and a durable steel cabinet with wide-track rubber wheels. The tubular handle includes a rubber grip and non-conductive clamp rest, with heavy-duty chrome-plated steel ultra-grip clamps, and 6-foot heavy-duty, commercial-gauge welding grade cables. Also includes a 9-foot AC line cord for greater accessibility and reach.


  • Charges 6, 12 and 24 Volt batteries
  • Starting ampere: 24 Volt-150A, 12 Volt-250A, 6 Volt-150A
  • Charging ampere: 24 Volt-30/10A, 12 Volt-60/35/1.5A, 6 Volt-80/40A
  • Precision timer controlled operation with "off" and "hold" settings
  • Additional features include: commercial-gauge welding grade cables, heavy-duty steel clamps, rubber grip, and an extra-long 9 foot AC line cord

1 review for Schumacher PSW-61224 DSR ProSeries 6/12/24V Manual

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