ENERGETTE POWER FREAK Jump Starter. For your Car

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ENERGETTE is proudly introducing the E05 POWER FREAK JUMP STARTER series, a superior multi-function automotive power tool. Featuring our innovative portable battery pack with compressor. Conveniently starts your battery without the hassle to connect to another engine. Ideal for everyday use or roadside emergencies, especially when stranded late at night. Jumpstarts trucks, buses, cars, boats, RV's - even commercial panel trucks and semi's, and of course cars.


Output : 12V/24V USB - 5V 2A
Input: 30V/1A
1. Capacity: 24000mAh
2. Peak current: 800A
3. Battery weight: 3.4 lbs.
4. Battery type: Li-polymer
5. Battery Size: 9.44 X 8.26 X 2.28 inches

Product Features

1. LED warning and emergency light. + Warning Light: Bright light/ Stroke/ SOS.
2. Battery life cycle: 3000 times
3. Work & Store temperature: --4°F to 140°F
4. Jump start all diesel and gasoline / 12 and 24V vehicles


  • EASY-TO-USE, COMPACT AND VERSATILE: Just connect the red clamps to the positive "+" terminal and connect the black clamps to the negative "-" terminal of the vehicle's battery. POWER FREAK switches from 12 to 24 Volts with the turn of knob. With 600 Peak Amps at the 12 Volt Amps power and 800 Peak Amps at the 24 Volt Amps, the truck PAC will get the job done. Make sure that the switch is set on the right voltage shift.
  • BUILT-IN SAFETY PROTECTION FEATURES: Designed with 6 different safety features to protect the power bank and vehicle. SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION that avoids the cause of a fire, OVER CHARGE GUARD to avoid damaging the power bank, OVER DISCHARGING POWER to exhaust the power storage, REVERSE POLARITY LIGHT if the battery clamps and terminals were inverted, REVERSE CHARGE by transferring power from another jump starter & OVER VOLTAGE PROTECTION to avoid bursting the power.
  • LEGENDARY TRUCK PAC DURABILITY: Like all Truck PAC units, the ENERGETTE POWER FREAK features rugged construction and robust components to stand up to everyday use in even the most demanding jump starting environments. Its impact-resistant case provides lasting protection and features automatic charging and battery status LEDs to make operation easy and convenient.
  • EXCLUSIVE, ENHANCED OPERATIONS: Contains industrial grade hot jaw clamps for efficient power transfer to the vehicle. (AWS) Advanced Warning System, alerts the operator to unsafe jump starting conditions. OPERATING TEMP. -4?- 140?F-functions in the harshest environments, ES Series Jump Starters operate in temperatures as low as -4° degrees Fahrenheit. The LED light indicator will flash according to the different voltage storage levels of power.
  • AUTOMATIC RECHARGING: Included with the ENERGETTE POWER FREAK is an AC wall charger, just plug the adapter into the universal socket and it's ready to charge.

2 reviews for ENERGETTE POWER FREAK Jump Starter. For your Car

  1. Kory

    I have been so beledwerid in the past but now it all makes sense!

  2. Hosting

    This should not however take away from any of the other, great jump starters reviewed on this site, but if all you want is a device to jump start your vehicle, with outstanding reliability, the JNC660 is in a league of its own. In terms of specifications, the JNC660 is rated with 425 amps of cranking current, which it can provide immediately, and is further capable of 1700A of peak current.

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